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Sampling Masters Overdrive Hell :: Review by Don

Sampling Masters Overdrive Hell Album Title: Sampling Masters Overdrive Hell
Record Label: Sweep Records
Catalog No.: HZMT-0001
Release Date: August 15, 2009
Purchase: Buy at eBay


This is a mini-album composed by Shinji Hosoe and Ayako Saso under their alias' Sampling Master MEGA and Sampling Master AYA. It features a few mixes composed in a hardcore style, hence the 'overdrive hell' title. Should you pick this one up? Well, it's certainly not for everyone...


The album consists of six sequential tracks. The first, "Lesson 1 Heaven," is also the longest theme on the album. There is an intense beat throughout the piece that serves as a static accompaniment to a variety of sounds in the melody line. At times, you'll hear standard electronica, at others, subtle hints of orchestration or vocal samples. There are even some Asian flavors. "Lesson 2 Normal" features another heavy beat with some low-mix vocal samples. It's definitely a very intriguing piece, through the use of these vocal samples and electronic backing. In the end, though, it's pretty much chaos.

"Lesson 3 Caution" opens up with orchestra and opera styles before moving into the hardcore nature shared with the rest of the album. In addition to the heavy beat, there are some electric guitar riffs and some operatic vocals thrown into the mix. I suspect this one is composed by Saso, as the vocal samples used are very reminiscent of her style. Moving on, "Lesson 4 Danger" features some quirky electronic samples over a hardcore beat. It almost has an Arabian sound at times. In addition, the vocal samples are utterly insane, featuring screams to spoken word and "whoos". Yet it also features some more subdued moments.

"Lesson 5 Difficulty," is probably the most hardcore track on the album. There is very little going for it aside from that static beat, but the accompanying vocal samples and industrial sounds do add a bit of variety to the mix. Lastly, "Lesson 6 Hell" features one of my favorite hardcore beats. It's also mixed with some electric guitar work, some Hindi vocal samples, some awesome electronica, and some nice drum and bass beats. I also suspect this one is composed by Saso, for the aforementioned reasons.


Let's be clear here. This album isn't for everyone. In fact, it's probably not even for most people. Many would just consider it noise. But I'm not everyone and I quite enjoy it, as I'm quite insane when it comes to musical tastes and usually find enjoyment in every type of style. That being said, this album is only for the hardcore Sampling Masters fans. Otherwise, this would be money ill spent. However, if you are into this style and want to pick it up, it's rather cheap if you special order from VGM World. Just make sure that you add some other albums to the order or you'll get hit with shipping fees more expensive than the CD itself!

Overall Score: 4/10