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Pikmin: Song of Love - Strawberry Flower :: Review by Don

Pikmin: Song of Love - Strawberry Flower Album Title: Pikmin: Song of Love - Strawberry Flower
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Catalog No.: TOCT-4345
Release Date: December 6, 2001
Purchase: Buy at Game Music Online


Pikmin is definitely an interesting game. Inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto's garden, it involves a world of microscopic proportions. The main theme, "Song of Love," sung by Strawberry Flower, was never used in game and only served in commercials. Regardless, the song gained popularity through its advertisements and ultimately outsold even the game itself. How is the single? Read on to find out.


Consisting of only three songs, this single is rather short. It includes "Song of Love," its instrumental version, and a song called "Tears Fell." The main theme consists of a simple, yet beautiful, melody. The use of accordion gives it a bit of French flair and the acoustic guitar accompaniment is very befitting. There is also a layering of xylophone and violin which really helps to make the track feel cutesy, yet serious, at the same time. The vocalist is a bit kawaii, but I really think her voice fits the instruments extremely well.

The instrumental version of "Song of Love" is essentially a karaoke version. All the instrumentation is the same, but without the vocals. It is still very enjoyable.

Personally, I like "Tears Fell" a bit more. The instrumentation consists of some acoustic guitar, piano, violin, electric guitar, and vocals. The development in this track is much more effective, with the subtle piano accenting the main melody and the electric guitar providing simple, yet effective, solos. The piano solos are also nice and help to bridge the verses quite well.


I'm sure that Strawberry Flower's popularity skyrocketed after the song was used in a commercial to advertise the game and rightly so. "Song of Love" and "Tears Fell" are masterfully written and offer a very poignant experience. I'd say that the single is worth picking up because everything here is top notch. Heck, you can even sing the lyrics yourself in the karaoke version.

Overall Score: 10/10