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NanoSweep 9 :: Review by Don

NanoSweep 9 Album Title: NanoSweep 9
Record Label: NanoSounds / SuperSweep
Catalog No.: NS-008
Release Date: December 30, 2009
Purchase: Buy at VGM World


NanoSweep is an ongoing series of original music that was initiated in 2004 by various members of Nanosounds and SuperSweep. It usually features members from each of these companies and occasionally a guest composer. This is the ninth original album and features compositions by Hiroshi Okubo, Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Takahiro Eguchi, and ESTi.


Hiroshi Okubo opens up the ninth album with "Bang the Beat". Unlike his previous contribution to the NanoSweep series, I really dig this one. It's got a funky groove to it, some awesome brass accompaniment, and the beat is pretty fantastic. The vocal samples also help give it a bit of funk, despite the futuristic sound overall. I like when Okubo does these more jazzy / funky style compositions for NanoSweep. I hope he continues this direction in the future.

Next up on the list is Ayako Saso with "I'll Pretend I Never Saw This". This is definitely my favorite track on the album. It's got another club / rave audience in mind and I love how there are three distinct sections, yet at times, they build on one another. The opening section features a great beat with some a couple different vocal samples before moving onto the second section of the theme. This section introduces some new vocal samples and is even catchier, especially when the beats layer with one another. The last section definitely has a more melodic focus and I love how it incorporates elements of the first two sections into it. Overall, I love driving to this song on my way to work, or anywhere really. It's such a kickass song.

Shinji Hosoe's "Grain Rover" is another awesome theme and this is mainly due to the various beats featured throughout. Overall, the tempo is that of a fairly hardcore techno theme, but there are some subtle nuances heard throughout in the beat that really help vary it as the theme progresses. Throw in some ethnic vocal samples and some more standard vocal samples and you have another winner.

Now, Takahiro Eguchi came out of nowhere for me, though I presume he's a new composer at Supersweep. Well, his "Ego Block" is definitely a great start to what I hope are future NanoSweep contributions. As a whole, the track is done in a house style and, although the beat doesn't really vary much throughout its duration, it is so damn catchy, I can't really fault it. The vocal samples added also give it a nice club feel and also borrow from some of the more classic Sampling Masters effects. Of course, I love how the theme builds over time to become more energetic, while maintaining the integrity of the whole theme.

Lastly, another surprise contribution comes from ESTi. Entitled "Flame and Bitch," it is another interesting blend of music. Featuring another house beat, it really grabs the listener in with the beat. However, the beat has nothing on the build up. It is this combination of ethereal beauty through the utilization of spacey synth and more direct beauty through the melody featured in the piano. Combined, the entire theme is a recipe for a great time and I love relaxing to this theme. It doesn't start off as something you'd consider relaxing, but it surely ends that way, despite the house beat focus.


In the end, this is a fantastic addition to the Nanosweep series. Rivaling my favorite, NanoSweep 7, the composers bring their best to the table. Whether it's Okubo's funky futuristic theme, Saso and Hosoe's raving themes, or Eguchi and ESTi's house themes, there is definitely something here for fans of Supersweep and this Nanosweep series. Try to pick it up if you can!

Overall Score: 9/10