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Arcana Heart 2 Suggoi! Remix :: Review by Don

Arcana Heart 2 Suggoi! Remix Album Title: Arcana Heart 2 Suggoi! Remix
Record Label: Team Entertainment
Catalog No.: SRIN-1056
Release Date: February 4, 2009
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


This is an arranged album released in early 2009 for the game Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2, which was a re-release of the Arcana Heart 2 game, with some added characters and arcana. Featuring a plethora of arrangers, such as SuperSweep staples, as well as other electronic artists, it offers a very diverse set of themes. Does it live up to or surpass the originals?


The album opens up with a theme by Motoharu Yoshihira called "FLY HIGH." I'm not sure if this is an arrangement of anything or an original theme, as the track title doesn't match any of the themes on the original soundtrack and it doesn't sound like anything from there either. It's a vocal theme, sung by Mayumi Sindou, that's pretty kickass. It's got a nice rock focus, some exquisite guitar work, a kickass guitar and synth solo, and a great melody. The title theme, "Arcana Heart 2 -Reopening Mix-" is arranged by Nobuyoshi Sano, and features a nice blend of various electronica elements. The beat, which remains fairly static, is reminiscent of his Ridge Racer works; however, the melody features some piano like synths, some spacey synth work, and some crystalline synth lines, among others. It's definitely one of my favorite Sano arrangements to date.

"Maidens ver. 2 -Sacra Mix-," arranged by Atsushi Ohara, features a strong electronica beat and is definitely a great addition to the theme. While the theme relies mainly on an intoxicating electronic melody, as it progresses, the addition of piano really gives this a heavenly sound. Throughout the entire theme, I never get bored as there is always something new being layered and keeping the amazing sound going. I think Ohara did a superb job on this arrangement. Atsushi Ohara is also responsible for another arrangement on this album. "This is Me, Hyodo -Reportage Mix-" is another fantastic arrangement. While the beat isn't nearly as catchy as his other arrangement, the entire piece has a more mysterious atmosphere. The addition of piano, as with the other theme, really adds to the whole piece, giving it a very crystalline sound, and contrasts nicely with the spacey synth heard throughout the theme.

Yousuke Yasui contributes an arrangement of "Heartful!! -Video Game Mix-," which I find a hilarious title, given it's already from a video game. However, the music is no laughing matter. It kicks major ass! The bubbly, holiday-like synth over top the rock accompaniment is both intoxicating and beautiful. However, the awesome guitar solo really gives it a nice edge! It's one of those themes that doesn't do anything particularly creative, but still manages to get in your head and stay there for days! "Yamatomaru -De Toekomst Mix-," arranged by quad, is an exhilarating techno theme with a hardcore beat and a ton of various synth lines in the melody. As it progresses, it gets more intense before leading into a calmer section that focuses a bit more on atmosphere, while still retaining the melody. The theme picks up with a focus on the original melody over top the hardcore beat heard in the beginning and it gives it a bit of a sinister sound. I also love how the layering gets all crazy like about two-thirds through the track. It's truly a layering masterpiece.

"Song of Edo -Era Mix-," arranged by Ayako Saso," opens up with some traditional Japanese soundscapes and some exotic vocals, with some particularly beautiful shamisen and shakuhachi passages. The arrangement progresses into a nice fusion of electronica and the Japanese soundscapes. The two soundscapes contrast nicely with one another and create an intoxicating and beautiful theme. It's definitely one of the best arrangements on the album. "Hotaka -Clay Mix-," arranged by Masashi Yano, is a mystifying electronica theme that focuses on creating some spacey synth work and fusing it with various elements, such as the piano and some more industrial beats. There's a hint of darkness heard briefly before moving into an amazing synth solo.

Shinji Hosoe contributes "On Stage Now! -Riders Mix-," a playful arrangement full of quirky synth. It offers a bit of a calypso feel, through the use of xylophone, and some beautiful synth work, particularly the crystalline synth sounds that complement the quirky beat and the spacey synth melodies. It's definitely a nice relaxing mix that contrasts nicely with some of the more upfront arrangements heard throughout the album. Raito contributes "Angelia -Storing Water Mix-," and it reminds me a lot like the 1990s house music at times, but at the times, it also features a nice jazzy sound. I'm a big fan of the piano addition heard throughout the arrangement, particularly the jazzy solo that includes some fantastic flute work towards the end of the arrangement, and when it takes the limelight, I find it gives a nice contrast to the retro vibes the electronica gives off.

The album ends with Takayuki Aihara's contribution, "Peace is the Best -Coda Mix-." Opening with some synth strings work that has a bit of an urban flair to it, it moves into a groovy arrangement with a great beat. The melody is particularly strong and I love how the synth accompaniment imitates something you might hear in an orchestral-focused pop song. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this arrangement is how many different synth layers and sounds you hear throughout it. It's quite stunning, really, and it really shows off Aihara's softer side.


While the original source material had its ups and downs, I find that this arrange album is full of ups. There isn't a single arrangement here that doesn't please me. There are a variety of styles, ranging from bubbly synth, to rock, to Asian fusion. While most of the arranged album is focused on electronica, each artist brings along a distinct style to ensure that the album doesn't get old quickly. I highly recommend this album for its arranging team as well as the styles heard on the album.

Overall Score: 10/10