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Music from Ys Renewal :: Review by Chris

Music from Ys Renewal Album Title: Music from Ys Renewal
Record Label: King Records
Catalog No.: KICA-1168
Release Date: October 25, 1995
Purchase: Buy at eBay


Music from Ys Renewal is a complete resynthed version of the original Ys' score. It features all the in-game and unused music from Ys in new arrangements by the Falcom Sound Team J.D.K. While a competent production, most will find this album offers little not available elsewhere and it is therefore a potentially omissable release in the series.


Definitive or not, the arrangements of Music from Ys Renewal deeply influenced subsequent versions of the score. While the original Music from Ys offered fantastic melodies and created moods, synth limitations meant most compositions were stylistically undefined. The far more liberating synth in the Renewal version allows the original intentions of the music to come across more clearly. The town theme "Fountain of Love", for example, sounds even more peppy and anime-inspired than before in this rendition. The dungeon theme "Palace" meanwhile is now clearly styled in a new age manner with electronic soundscapes, ethnic leads, and a more subdued bass line. Used later in the dungeon, "Palace of Destruction" offers the intended bold contrast with its racing arrangement.

However, these arrangements are not as stylistically defined as those in the more advanced Perfect Collection Ys and Ys I & II Chronicles. Styles are hinted at, but not elaborated upon since the arrangements are still conservative and the synth is still limited. For example, there is a strong rock influence in action themes such as "Holders of Power" and "Battle Ground", but listeners should not expect any extravagant solos or bold drum lines. To some, this will be a good thing, since it demonstrates Yuzo Koshiro's original intentions for the music without resorting to stereotypical imitations. However, others will prefer the authentic originals in all their modest FM glory and yet others will prefer the more elaborate arrangements with live instruments.

While most of the arrangements are fitting, there are several that are less appealing. The title theme "Feena" sounds especially contrived in its version here with its excess reverb and slight progressive rock influences. The credits music "See You Again" is also frankly irritating in the hyperactive synthpop arrangement here and doesn't quite have the same charm of the original. A final note is that all the lost tracks featured in Music from Ys also feature solid arrangements here. Many are enjoyable tracks that have since been incorporated into the game's remakes, though some like "Mysterious Moment" have only been arranged before on this particular album. The reflective "In the Memory" and naive "Fly With Me" are especially delightful ways to end the soundtrack and make up for the disappointment of "See You Again".


Out of all interpretations of Ys music, Music from Ys Renewal is of intermediate quality in terms of both synth and arrangements. While a solid effort, it will therefore be superfluous to many looking for the original music or elaborate arrangements. Aside from hardcore collectors, this album is best-suited for those wanting an insight into Yuzo Koshiro's original music without having to tolerate the old-school synth. However, many actually enjoy the original synth and consider the original music most legitimate.

Overall Score: 6/10