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Super Robot Taisen Impact: GO!! - JAM Project :: Review by Chris

Super Robot Taisen Impact: GO!! - JAM Project Album Title: Super Robot Taisen Impact: GO!! - JAM Project
Record Label: Lantis
Catalog No.: LACA-4051
Release Date: April 24, 2002
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


JAM Project are a J-Rock group that principally make theme songs for animations. In addition, they have been a regular force on Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen games, given their extensive use of mecha anime crossovers. After debuting on the PlayStation's Super Robot Taisen Alpha, they have appeared on nearly every main game on the series, each time releasing singles featuring their opening and ending theme songs. Let's take a look at the opening and ending themes for Super Robot Taisen Impact.


"GO!!" benefits from a great expansion of material from its soundtrack appearance. In particular, the extended introduction gives the track plenty of rhythmical impetus and ensures the chorus sections featured in the single sound much less abrasive. Compared with "Steel Messiah" from Super Robot Taisen Alpha, however, the thematic material is quite a bit weaker and the flashy guitar and synthesizer solos sound a bit tagged on. Nevertheless, the vocalists and instrumentalists here still create a great attitude here and prove true dramatists.

The ending theme "Departure" follows the precedent of "Power" from Super Robot Taisen Alpha. It initially takes a more balladic approach with romantic male vocals, soft piano backing, and electric guitar dabs. However, it eventually explodes into something more happy-go-lucky complete with unison vocals and elating guitar solos. It's a really clichéd way to the end the game, but at least stays true to anime tradition.

The main exclusives on the single are the full-length versions of the theme songs that only featured in shortened versions in the game and its soundtrack release. However, there are also instrumental versions of the theme songs at the end of the single, lacking any vocals. These are good for karaoke purposes, but a little pointless and hollow otherwise.


In summary, the vocal single for Super Robot Taisen Impact is decent, but neither theme stands up favourably against equivalents from Super Robot Taisen Alpha. Instead of heading for this single, dedicated fans of JAM Project should consider the Super Robot Taisen JAM Project Theme Song Collection instead, since it features these full-length songs and 12 others from the series.

Overall Score: 6/10