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Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3rd: GONG - JAM Project :: Review by Chris

Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3rd: GONG - JAM Project Album Title: Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3rd: GONG - JAM Project
Record Label: Lantis
Catalog No.: LACM-4210
Release Date: August 3, 2005
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


JAM Project are a J-Rock group that principally make theme songs for animations. In addition, they have been a regular force on Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen games, given their extensive use of mecha anime crossovers. After debuting on the PlayStation's Super Robot Taisen Alpha, they have appeared on nearly every main game on the series, each time releasing singles featuring their opening and ending theme songs. Let's take a look at the opening and ending themes for 3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha.


The opening theme "GONG" is one of JAM Project's most erratic works. Following an instrumental progressive rock introduction, it moves into a soft reflective vocal passage, before suddenly exploding into a clamour of J-Rock inspired by Malice Mizer. The rest of the song is even more divergent with everything from operatic backing vocals, punchy chorus passages, and a semi-orchestrated finale. It's far too random and unpredictable for my tastes, though the individual sections are still quite enjoyable.

"Brother in Faith", in contrast, perhaps thankfully follows the more conventional format of JAM Project's past ending themes. It opens in a balladic format with soft female vocals and unobstrusive new age instrumentals. The chorus is a more motivating ensemble passage that forms a clear but subtle contrast with the verse section. The song is nicely capped off by bridges featuring interplay between an extravagant electric guitar solo and Celtic woodwinds that surprisingly works. Overall, it's a special way to end the game and sounds even more lovely in its full version here.

The main exclusives on the single are the full-length versions of the theme songs that only featured in shortened versions in the game and its soundtrack release. However, there are also instrumental versions of the theme songs at the end of the single, lacking any vocals. These are good for karaoke purposes, but a little pointless and hollow otherwise.


In summary, the vocal single for 3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha captures the JAM Project sound, but is quite a mixed bag or select taste overall. Instead of heading for this single, dedicated fans of JAM Project should consider the Super Robot Taisen JAM Project Theme Song Collection instead, since it features these full-length songs and 12 others from the series.

Overall Score: 6/10