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OutRun Original Soundtrack - Music from the Arcade Machine :: Review by Chris

OutRun Original Soundtrack - Music from the Arcade Machine Album Title: OutRun Original Soundtrack - Music from the Arcade Machine
Record Label: U.S. Gold
Catalog No.: Promotional (Tape)
Release Date: 1987
Purchase: Buy at eBay


Now this cassette has an interesting history at least. Following the success of the Arcade version of OutRun, the game was adapted into a number of ports for computers, namely the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Atari ST. These ports either featured heavily downgraded versions of the Arcade soundtrack or no music at all. To compensate, the games provided a bonus tape featuring several pieces from the Arcade soundtrack in succession. This tape could be played while the game was running with the intention of restoring the game experience near to what was originally intended.

It's fantastic that gamers can listen to the original Arcade tunes since the tracks are fantastic musically and technologically for their time. The tape opens with "Passing Breeze", a relaxing driving theme with a light jazz feel and rather smooth soundscaping. While the melody isn't particularly striking, the various improvisations based on it are very well done. The subsequent "Magical Sound Shower" is a definitive classic. It blends samba beats, old-school melodies, and jazz improvisation into one six minute track. The result is memorable, rhythmically compelling, and suitable for driving to. "Splash Wave" is quite a bit more rock-influenced and fast-paced than "Magical Sound Shower", although at its core is a warm and naive melody. It'll be a fun listen for those who prefer to drive on the edge and is a nice way to end the tape.

While the tunes themselves are wonderful, the tape still has its problems. It seems impractical to simultaneously load tape and game like the gamers intended and, besides, the tunes don't loop as continually as necessary. However, as stand-alone listening, it's also inferior to the commercially albums dedicated to the game, such as OutRun - S.S.T. Band, Yu-Suzuki Produces OutRun, and OutRun 20th Anniversary Box. The track time are rather short, the transitions between the tracks are abrupt, and the sound quality can sometimes sound fuzzy. While the tape demonstrates what was intended for the soundtrack effectively, it does not entirely serve a practical in-game purpose and isn't a particularly enjoyable stand-alone experience.

Overall Score: 5/10