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Armored Core Formula Front Official Soundtrack :: Review by Chris

Armored Core Formula Front Official Soundtrack Album Title: Armored Core Formula Front Official Soundtrack
Record Label: From Software
Catalog No.: ACFFCD
Release Date: March 3, 2005
Purchase: Buy at eBay


Armored Core: Formula Front is one of several Armored Core titles that didn't receive a soundtrack release, perhaps due to its mediocre critical and commercial reception. Five tracks from the game were nevertheless released in a promotional soundtrack and provide a solid reflection on the score as a whole.


Tsukasa Saitoh headlines the soundtrack with two variations of the same theme. "Fake Fever" keeps the series' electronica focus alive after some deviations in earlier soundtracks. It opens with some soothing synthpads, but gradually becomes overwhelmed by fast-paced electronic beats that take the track to its upbeat and energetic core. The development keeps the track exciting throughout and the mixing is also consistently excellent. There is also a remix of this track created exclusively for the PlayStation 2 version of the game. It's a little less multifaceted, but still offers a fine blend of colourful treble synth and gritty bass elements.

"isaku-No.373" is an excellent addition for representing the futuristic environment and mechanised combat of the game. Ayako Minami's approach is inspired by more conventional techno artists than Saitoh, but she still keeps things fresh with dynamic layering and vocoder parts. The sometimes abstract and industrial sample choices are especially ideal for representing the mechs. This track is one of the more representative examples of what the soundtrack to Armored Core: Formula Front offered overall.

"Inject the Right Tracks" is the most anthemic track on the soundtrack. Daisuke Matsumoto was clearly inspired by mainstream trance artists with his fusions of ethereal electronic beats and gentle piano work here. The track is a little simplistic, but makes up for it with diverse development and much atmosphere. Experienced underground Hideyuki Eto also shows his willingness to offer hard industrial grooves and urban elements on the other addition to the soundtrack, "AP 10%". It's similar to his work on Armored Core: Last Raven, though a little more accessible.


Though a multi-artist, multi-platform collaboration, the soundtrack for Armored Core: Formula Front still maintained the high quality electronic music many have come to expect from the series. Though these five selections are impressive and representative, they're probably not worth tracking down given they're still a small sampling of the overall soundtrack.

Overall Score: 6/10