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  - Koji Kondo
  - Yuzo Koshiro
  - Shoji Meguro
  - Yasunori Mitsuda
  - Manabu Namiki
  - Hitoshi Sakimoto
  - Motoi Sakuraba
  - Tenpei Sato
  - Yoko Shimomura
  - Koichi Sugiyama
  - Masafumi Takada
  - Nobuo Uematsu
  - Michiru Yamane
  - Akira Yamaoka

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Annual Game Music Awards 2011 :: Outstanding Artist Winners

SEMO is proud to present the winners of the 'outstanding artist' category of the Annual Game Music Awards 2011. These panel-voted officially recognised awards provide a thorough and wide-reaching recognition of achievement in game music over the last year.


Outstanding Contribution - Eastern Composer :: Motoi Sakuraba

Motoi Sakuraba innovated with several major new game scores this year, notably a dark symphonic accompaniment to Dark Souls and a rare solo Tales score. He successfully balanced such projects with solo albums and live appearances that focused on his core progressive rock style. Motoi Sakuraba


Akira Yamaoka Mahito Yokota

Other Nominations

Takeshi Abo
Rio Hamamoto
Takeharu Ishimoto
Kenji Ito
Hiroki Kikuta
Hirokazu Koshio
Nobuo Uematsu


Outstanding Contribution - Western Composer :: Jason Graves

Jason Graves demonstrated his creativity with five high-powered sequels and two charity albums this year. He especially shone with Dead Space 2, where he took gamers on a frightening but touching musical journey that exceeded even the esteemed original. Jason Graves


Jeremy Soule Pawel Blasczcak

Other Nominations

Rod Abernethy
Lorne Balfe
Christophe Héral
Laura Karpman
Tilman Sillescu
Cris Velasco
Inon Zur


Outstanding Contribution - Independent Composer :: Jake Kaufman

Jake Kaufman's transition from freelance composer to WayForward audio lead has given him more opportunities than ever. With projects ranging from the gothic Bloodrayne: Betrayal to the retro Mighty Milky Way, from cinema adaptations to Japanese shmup tributes, the artist has yet to let us down. Jake Kaufman


Josh Whelchel Keishi Yonao

Other Nominations

Hijiri Anze
Sean Beeson
Danny Baranowsky
Norihiro Furukawa
Chris Geehan
Brian Allen Holmes
Tomomi Teratani


Outstanding Contribution - Newcomer :: Brian Tyler

Veteran movie and television composer Brian Tyler made his mark on the games industry this year with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Need For Speed: The Run. The former especially brought the might of Hollywood with him with its action-packed focus and momentous production values. Brian Tyler


Gordon McNeil Tsutomu Narita

Other Nominations

Kan R. Gao
Taku Inoue
Asuka Ito
Justin Lassen
Akiyoshi Manabe
Yasuyuki Nagata
Brian Reitzell


Outstanding Contribution - Soloist :: Kanon

Classical-crossover artist Kanon won the hearts of listeners this year with her soprano vocals on The Last Story's "Toberu mono". Her clear and expressive bilingual performance conveyed both the humanity and spirituality of Nobuo Uematsu's creation. Kanon


Emi Evans Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Other Nominations

Aubrey Ashburn
Kaori Asou
Grant Henry
Lang Lang
Ellen McLain
Laura Shigihara


Outstanding Contribution - Ensemble :: Quartet San Francisco

With their performance of Dead Space 2's "Lacrimosa", the Quartet San Francisco demonstrated how small ensembles can bring much big budget productions. In this case, the performers communicated Isaac's fear and loneliness while carefully interpreting the complex source material. Quartet San Francisco


Yuval Ron Ensemble Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus

Other Nominations

Eminence Symphonic Choir
Philharmonia Orchestra
Skywalker Symphony Orchestra
Slovak National Symphony
The Black Heart Procession