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Staff Members :: Tommy (aka Zane)

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Joined Site

August 2008

Favourite Game Music Artists

Akira Yamaoka
Amon Tobin
Hitoshi Sakimoto
Masashi Hamauzu
Tsuneo Imahori

Date of Birth

July 18, 1982


Massachusetts, United States


Peanut Butter and Jelly Fanatic

General Interests

Game Music
Music Composition
Playing Guitar


At the tender age of four, my parents bought me a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas. Playing through Level 1-1 and hearing Koji Kondo's music coming from our tiny little 13" television is one of my earliest and most cherished memories. I was just a toddler in pajamas playing Super Mario Bros. in my parents' house, but there was something about that initial experience that changed me and started a chain reaction of events and various levels of video game bliss that have brought me to where I am today: an adult in pajamas playing Super Mario Bros. in my parents' house.

My story isn't anything special, really. Like many game music fans, I really started expressing an interest in VGM after playing Final Fantasy VI and VII. In 2000, I purchased my first official OST: a DigiCube copy of Final Fantasy VIII. That was like unplugging a dam. The past seven years have been a steadily flowing and constantly changing musical journey through all types of VGM from all ends of the spectrum.

I am a traditionalist to a fault and purchase albums instead of downloading them — I believe in supporting the artists and the companies that make these soundtracks available for us in the first place, and I encourage other game music fans to do the same.

I'm happy to be here at SEMO, and I hope that you enjoy my contributions!

Contributed Reviews

Album Title Catalog No.
Biohazard Remake Sound Chronicle Track Selection CPCA-10107
Biohazard 4 Soundtrack Book CPCA-10126/7
Biohazard 5 Original Soundtrack CPCA-10198/200
Biohazard 0 Sound Chronicle Track Selection CPCA-10108
Biohazard Sound Chronicle Best Track Box CPCA-10104/9
Biohazard The Umbrella Chronicles Original Soundtrack CPCA-10191
Black Mages II ~The Skies Above~, The SQEX-10111
Delight in Daylight DMCD-0009
God Tracks Promotional
Guilty Gear XX Sound Alive KDSD-00001
Gyakuten Saiban 3 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1089
Infinite Space Original Soundtrack GNCA-7138
Killer7 Original Soundtrack SCDC-00451/2
No More Heroes Original Soundtrack MJCD-20108
Ridge Racer 6 Direct Audio SRIN-1050/1
Ridge Racers 2 Direct Audio KICA-1417
Samurai Champloo Original Soundtrack SCDC-00507
Shadow Hearts Arrange Tracks, Near Death Experience KDSD-00077
Street Fighter II The New Challengers, Super SRCL-2822
Superb DMCD-0008
Swinging Circuit DMCD-0009
Tekken 4 Original Soundtrack SCDC-00181/2
Tekken 5 & Tekken Dark Resurrection Original Soundtrack VICL-62048/9
Tenchu Soundtrack SRCL-4224
Trash 004 SRES-0004
Tekken Tag Tournament Direct Audio ZMCX-1094