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Site Contributors :: Murray (aka Muzza)

Site Role


Email Address


Joined Site

April 2007

Favourite Game Music Artists

Yasuhisa Watanabe
Gust Sound Team
Tenpei Sato
Miki Higashino

Date of Birth

April 25, 1991

Place of Residence

Sydney, Australia



General Interests

Video Games
Listening to Music


I had my first experience with video games when I was five years old, with the Super Mario Land games for the Game Boy. However it was a couple of years later when I discovered my favourite genre of video games, those of Role-Playing. Games such as Pok&eeacute;mon Red and Final Fantasy Adventure really ignited a burning, inextinguishable passion in me that still burns brightly to this day.

It wasn't until 2000 that I was struck with the beauty and splendor of video game music: Nobuo Uematsu's amazing effort in Final Fantasy VIII and Miki Higashino's incredibly eclectic and memorable score to Suikoden II were what enhanced my interest in video games, RPGs in particular, especially when considering the comparatively mediocre music found in the Super Mario Land games. I found myself humming the tunes, whether they be epic or frivolous, from these games over and over again, and eventually grew to absolutely adore the diversity which VGM offered gamers.

To this day, I'm one of the only people I know who consider music a significantly important part of a video game. I constantly thought/think to myself: "How is it that people can simply not care if the game they play sounds horrible?!" Desperately searching for an outlet for my love for video game music, I came across numerous websites, which eventually led me to Square Enix Music Online in early 2007. It was here where I began reviewing game music and hence created this autobiography. I don't have much musical knowledge, but that doesn't stop me from doing what I love most: listening to music and letting this good community know how good or bad particular soundtracks really are.

Contributed Reviews

Album Title Catalog No.
Air Original Soundtrack KSLA-0004/5
An Cinniùint SBPS-0001/2
Armodyne SBPS-0010/11
Gyakuten Saiban 1 & 2 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1087/8
Gyakuten Saiban 4 Original Soundtrack CPCA-10187
Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten Original Soundtrack CPCA-10124
Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten Yomigaeru Remix Promotional
Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra Concert Commemorative Souvenir CAP-080420
Marl Kingdom Original Soundtrack, Puppet Princess of AZCA-10015
Marl Kingdom - The Musical Booklet, Puppet Princess of R01VG-DS001
Ni~dzuma wa Sailor Fuku Original Soundtrack Promotional
Sakura Relaxation Original Soundtrack Promotional