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Site Contributors :: Andy (aka GoldfishX)

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October 2005

Favourite Game Music Artists

Yuzo Koshiro
Michiko Naruke
Falcom J.D.K. Band
Noriyuki Iwadare

Date of Birth

April 11, 1981

Place of Residence

Maryland, U.S.A.



General Interests

Video Games
Rock Music


I've basically grown up with videogames and when I found out about game music in mid-98, I started collecting VGM. My collection sits around 400-500 originals. Like many, I started with the obvious CD's (the Castlevania series, the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger...) but the occasional impulse buys and message board recommendations have opened the floodgates for stuff I never knew existed. Most of the soundtracks listed above aren't based on nostalgia, but they're just the best ones I've come across. I also watch a lot of anime — Yu Yu Hakusho, Flame of Recca and You're Under Arrest TV are probably my favorites. I'm actually moving away from video gaming, due to all the cra...er, quality issues, but I still stay caught up on my fighting games and Japanese RPG's.

As a reviewer, I take no prisoners. On the other hand, if something appeals to me with it's style and creativity, look for a glowing review.

Contributed Reviews

Album Title Catalog No.
Atelier Iris -Eternal Mana 2- Arranged Tracks - Deceitful Wings KDSD-10011
Black Mages, The SQEX-10019
Black Mages II ~The Skies Above~, The SQEX-10111
Capcom VS SNK Millenium Fight 2000 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1045
Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time PSCN-5024
Falcom J.D.K. Band 2 Dark Fact's Counterattack KICA-1035
Falcom Special Box '94 KICA-9020/2
Gradius, Perfect Selection KICA-1048
Guilty Gear Original Sound Collection COCC-15090
Guilty Gear X Original Soundtrack FSCA-10143
Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks ~ The Original Soundtrack of Dreamcast FSCA-10164
Guilty Gear XX Original Soundtrack SCDC-00191/2
Guilty Gear XX #Reload Korean Version Original Soundtrack KDSD-00017/8
Guilty Gear Isuka Original Soundtrack KDSD-00036
Legend of Heroes J.D.K. Special, Dragon Slayer The KICA-1110/1
Legend of Heroes Vol. 1, Symphonic Poem Dragon Slayer The KICA-1101
Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter Original Soundtrack & Arrange FSCA-10017
Melty Lancer Original Soundtrack POCX-1020
Popful Mail Sound Box '94 KICA-1148/9
Rockman X1 ~ X6 Soundtracks, Capcom Music Generation CPCA-1076/80
Rockman X7 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1074
Rockman The Power Fighters VICL-2173
Rockman ZX Soundtrack -ZX Tunes- INTIR-008/9
Sorcerian Vol. 2, Perfect Collection KICA-1035/6
Sorcerian Vol. 3, Perfect Collection KICA-1039/40
Star Ocean Till the End of Time Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 KDSD-00004/5
Star Ocean Till the End of Time Arrange Album KDSD-00006
Street Fighter Zero 3 Game Soundtrack CPCA-1012/3
Tokimeki Memorial Forever With You Original Soundtrack 2 KICA-7734/6
Tokimeki Memorial MIDI Collection KICA-7765
Tokimeki Memorial MIDI Collection 2 KICA-7776
Wild Arms Advanced 3rd Original Soundtrack SVWC-7118/21
X-Men VS Street Fighter Game Soundtrack VICL-2176
Ys II, Perfect Collection KICA-1014/5
Ys IV Vol. 1, Perfect Collection KICA-1139
Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim Original Soundtrack NW10102630