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Site Contributors :: Dan (aka FuryofFrog)

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Joined Site

October 2008

Favourite Game Music Artists

Sotaro Tojima
Masanori Adachi
Yasunori Mitsuda
Yoko Shimomura
Shoji Meguro

Date of Birth

November 1, 1987

Place of Residence

Pennsylvania, United States



General Interests

Video Game Music
Voice Acting


I have always been fascinated with video game music from a young age. Lots of tunes from the NES were very catchy but the game that really captivated me for all time was Super Castlevania IV. I knew when I heard that soundtrack that game music was something special that really superseded the bounds of its intended media. If Super Castlevania IV introduced me then Chrono Trigger enthralled me for life. Throughout the years I'd look online for my favorite songs in MIDI. Sound test mode no longer could cut it for me. The MIDIs were very disappointing; they didn't sound anything like the magical sounds that came out of my SNES! Then I discovered the world of VGM albums from Japan. I was surprised to find out that Japanese people put this stuff on disc. Now I actively buy many game albums.

Aside from game music I am into many things. I play alto sax and I am in the process of learning how to play guitar. Also among other things I'm trying to learn Japanese. The one thing I wish I had the connections to do is voice acting. I've always found the art of it fascinating and I always have wanted to be the guy who does it. I kind of got into it accidentally just by doing impressions of things around friends. Glad to be here. I hope to contribute for a long time.

Contributed Reviews

Album Title Catalog No.
Devil Survivor Original Remix Soundtrack, Megami Ibunroku LACA-5870
Persona 3 Original Soundtrack SVWC-7380/1
Persona 3 Original Soundtrack, Shin Megami Tensei (US) Promotional
Persona 3, Burn My Dread - Reincarnation SVWC-7460
Persona 3 Fes Original Soundtrack SVWC-7464
Persona 4 Original Soundtrack SVWC-7566/7
Persona 4 Soundtrack Side A, Shin Megami Tensei (US) Promotional
Persona 4 Soundtrack Side B, Shin Megami Tensei (US) Promotional
Persona Premium Box Promotional