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Site Contributors :: Calvin

Forum Name


Email Address


Joined Site

June 2006

Favourite Game Music Artists

Koichi Sugiyama
Kentaro Haneda
Shoji Meguro
Yoko Kanno
Masashi Hamauzu

Date of Birth

March 3, 1986

Place of Residence

Bandung, Indonesia



General Interests

Listening to Music
Reading Books
Playing Games


My first encounter with game music was about three years ago when I ventured to download Final Fantasy VII midis and eventually found out that video game music was also listened to. Back then I was Square fanboy, I couldn't help hunting for all Uematsu's Final Fantasy discography till I finally got bored and listening to other respected composers such as Yasunori Mitsuda and Masashi Hamauzu.

I eventually found Koichi Sugiyama as my favorite composer all the time, probably because I was a baroque music lover at first place; though I have not listened much to his works recently, there was a time when I couldn't go a day without listening to his score for Dragon Quest IV. I'm also probably one of the few Kentaro Haneda fanboys out there and, at the moment, I'm totally hooked on with Shoji Meguro, another rising star in game music community.

Outside of my status as a game music listener (and reviewer), I enjoy playing the piano, listening to classical and jazz music, writing novels and literature, reading books, and of course, playing games. My favorite games would probably be the Shin Megami Tensei series, Final Fantasy Tactics, SaGa Frontier, Rockman EXE series, and Mysterious Dungeon games. I'm pretty moody during writing, and I honestly must say, writing a music review is probably the hardest thing I've ever experienced, since you must convince someone to listen a piece without the music.

Contributed Reviews

Album Title Catalog No.
Dragon Quest IV Symphonic Suite SVWC-7252
Dragon Quest Monsters Synthesizer Suite & Original Soundtrack SRCL-4391
Dragon Quest String Quartet SVWC-7302/3
Dragon Quest on Piano Vol. 1 APCG-4004
Persona 3 Original Soundtrack SVWC-7380/1
Persona 4 Original Soundtrack SVWC-7566/7
Wizardry, We Love BY30-5179
Wizardry II ~ Legacy of Llylgamyn, Suite BY30-5209
Wizardry III ~ Knight of Diamonds, Suite APCG-4003
Wizardry V ~ Heart of the Maelstrom, Suite APCG-4031