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Staff Members :: Audun

Site Role

Doujin Coverage, News, Reviews, Interviews

Email Address

audun [at] squareenixmusic.com

Joined Site

August 2010

Favourite Game Music Artists

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
Chris Hülsbeck
Alberto Gonzales
Hirokazu Tanaka
Ryu Umemoto
Kinuyo Yamashita
Koji Kondo
Masanao Akahori
Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Neil Baldwin

Date of Birth

May 5, 1985

Place of Residence

Larvik, Norway


Local Newspaper Journalist

General Interests

Studying Languages
Video Games
Bad Movies
Doujin Music
Pro Wrestling
Collecting Hello Kitty Panties


My life has always been filled with video games. Growing up in the smallest town in Norway with an older brother meant that, every time it was time for him to babysit me, he would lock me in my room with the Ninja Turtle toys, then power up the Nintendo and hook up WWF tapes so he could go out with his buddies. Luckily for me it became the greatest influence on me in life.

The music in these games strook me at an early age. Our game library in the house was quite vast with the NES, Amiga and Commodore 64. One of the earliest memories I have of video game music is when I was so in love with the music in Batman on NES that I hooked a cassette player up to the TV, paused the game and recorded it so I could listen to it wherever I went. Before Son May and and Ever Anime, I was bootlegging that stuff straight from the source in my trousers. As many fans find themselves introduced to the genre by the Japanese games, outside of Batman I would have to say that the European game music community on C64 and Amiga were probably responsible for me getting so involved with it, especially the works of Chris Hülsbeck.

Things forever changed for me when I went to Paris in '95 however. My family had decided on a trip to Euro Disney and being the thrillseeker I am, my only interest at this massive theme park was going to the different arcades and Star Wars merchandise shops located within the gates of Le Disneyland. As my mother's fuse had run short 5 times over on me and my little brother, I was put in charge to watch over him for a few hours and go play some games while she cursed herself for ever giving in to the idea of procreation. It was during this that we went to a 3 floor arcade and heard the sound that would forever change me. It was here I first heard, experienced and fell in love with Daytona USA. Since then, I've had the honor to meet and befriend the composer of this game, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi.

My first mark of any importance to the scene was my dedication and love for the arrangement scene that started growing in the early 2000s. While my own musical skills remain as impressive as Rosie O'Donnell's naked reflection, I always had a passion to help out the artists and talents be recognized and heard. Through help with production, publicity and art I've been proudly part on many interesting projects. Thanks to my many travels around the world I've been blessed to meet and network with many of these artists. Because of my obsession of orginazation and knowledge of both the western remix scene and the Japanese doujin culture, I've become somewhat of an expert on the area.

Throughout my late teens and early 20's I've lived all over the world, from the US to Brazil and also central Europe. As much as I tried to escape the influence of my father, I eventually caved in and became a journalist like him. I currently work for my local newspaper as a journalist for them, but in reality I'm more of a running monkey for the old time writers there that lost their spark around the end of the first world war.

Site Role

My role here is to provide indepth and thorough reports on the numerous doujin events that take place over the year along with reviews and interviews with the artists from both the Western and Japanese scenes. I also contribute reviews, news and interviews from the official video game music world.

Contributed Reviews

Album Title Catalog No.
Melodies ~RPG Piano Collection~ MTSC-12
North Blue MTSA-2
Over S WPRL-0010
Pia-Com I DERP-10005
Pia-Com II DERP-10006
Press Start -The 5th Anniversary- EBCD-0001
R-Type Themes EP iTunes
Turrican Original Video Game Soundtrack KCD4
Zephyr Violin Duo ZVLN-0002