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Interview with Yuzo Koshiro (RocketBaby - October 1999)

The following interview was carried out by RocketBaby.net, a sadly defunct site that once interviewed numerous game composers. Square Enix Music Online is hosting the interview to avoid it being lost forever.

RocketBaby: Who are you're influences?

Yuzo Koshiro: I am influenced by many styles of music: pop, rock, dance, techno and classical. If it is good I will listen to it.

RocketBaby: How did you become involved with ActRaiser?

Yuzo Koshiro: It is difficult to remember, but I wanted to use the sound system of the Super Nintendo and produce good orchestral sounds. The kind of music that we have never experienced before in a video game.

RocketBaby: How about Streets of Rage?

Yuzo Koshiro: Again it is hard for me to remember specific details. As I am a fan of house, techno, black etc. I wanted to incorporate them into a video game because these styles had not been previously heard in video games.

RocketBaby: Any thoughts on The Revenge of Shinobi?

Yuzo Koshiro: The Revenge of Shinobi is the first chance I had to make a relationship with Sega. As far as the music for the game I wanted to meld dance music and traditional Japanese instruments.

RocketBaby: Speaking of Sega, Ancient is helping out with Shenmue?

Yuzo Koshiro: Yes, 10 people from our staff were helping the Shenmue project until last spring. Now only three people from our staff are working till its completion.

RocketBaby: Did you work on the music for Shenmue?

Yuzo Koshiro: Yes, I did music for Shenmue. About 15 pieces are written by me.