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Tobal No. 1 Remixes Electrical Indian

Description: Electronic arranged album for Tobal No. 1 (developed by Dream Factory and published by Square for PlayStation).

Tobal No. 1 Remixes Electrical Indian Record Label: DigiCube
Catalog Number: SSCX-10002
Release Date: September 21, 1996
Content: 1 CD - 7 Tracks
Reviews: Harry and Dave's Review
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Production Credits
Original Composition:
Ryuji Sasai (1), Yasunori Mitsuda (2, 7), Masashi Hamauzu (3, 5), Junya Nakano (4), Yasuhiro Kawakami (7)
Hiroshi Hata, Hidenobu Ootsuki

Track Listings - Disc One (45:37)
Track Title Track Time
01) Character Select (One Nation Under A New Groove Mix) 6:06
02) Your Name Is. (Summer Resort Guitar Mix feat. Hata) 6:06
03) Poltano (On The Corner 1996 Mix) 6:43
04) Hills of Jugon (Kaltechno Mix) 6:01
05) Vision On Ice (Space 2003 Mix) 8:04
06) Disused Mine ('70s Underground Funk Mix) 5:32
07) Electrical Indian (Bon Festival Dance Mix with Afro-Martians) 7:05

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