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Threads of Fate Music Selection

Description: Promotional album for Threads of Fate (aka DewPrism) (developed and published by Square for PlayStation).

Threads of Fate Music Selection Record Label: DigiCube
Catalog Number: Promotional
Release Date: July 2000
Content: 1 CD - 5 Tracks
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Production Credits
Original Composition:
Junya Nakano
Sound Programming:
Satoshi Akamatsu, Hitoshi Ohori
Synthesizer Operating:
Hidenori Iwasaki
No Further Credits

Track Listings - Disc One (5:13)
Track Title Track Time
01) Threads of Fate Theme 1:33
02) A Sign 0:25
03) Rue and Claire 2:05
04) Threads of Fate (Title) 0:49
05) Wonderful Premonition 0:21

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