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The Starting Over: Hyper Street Fighter II Remix Tracks

Description: Promotional album for Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition (developed and published by Capcom for PlayStation). It features arrangements for Street Fighter II (developed and published by Capcom for Arcade) and is included with the "Insanity DVD The Starting Over Hyper Street Fighter II" set. This set also includes one DVD containing over 180 minutes of VS Battles by the best 16 players that were chosen and a dream match by the best players of Hyper Street Fighters. One Technical Book (200 pages, A5 size) is also included.

The Starting Over: Hyper Street Fighter II Remix Tracks Record Label: INH
Catalog Number: INCD-0104
Release Date: August 6, 2005
Content: 1 CD - 10 Tracks
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Production Credits
Original Composition:
Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, Yôko Shimomura, Tetsuya Nishimura, Isao Abe
Mitsuhiro Kaneda (1, 4), Yutaka Kumada (2, 6), Yasushi Asada (3, 9), Kimihiro Abe (5), Masaharu Iwata (7), Manabu Namiki (8), Hitoshi Sakimoto (10)

Track Listings - Disc One (51:38)
Track Title Track Time
01) Dee Jay Stage 5:38
02) T. Hawk Stage 4:56
03) Fei Long Stage 5:36
04) Cammy Stage 5:20
05) E. Honda Stage 5:03
06) Guile Stage 5:11
07) Dhalsim Stage 4:52
08) Blanka Stage 5:42
09) Sagat Stage 5:02
10) Vega [USA M.Bison] Stage 4:18

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