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Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack -

Description: Promotional score for Radiant Silvergun (developed by Treasure and published by ESP Software for Saturn). This score contains out takes and unreleased tracks from the game. The question marks were on the original CD information and are not a translation error.

Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack - Record Label: Treasure
Catalog Number: Promotional
Release Date: 1998
Content: 1 CD - 7 Tracks
Reviews: Dave's Review
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Production Credits
Original Composition:
Hitoshi Sakimoto

Track Listings - Disc One (12:41)
Track Title Track Time
01) Title Back (Out Take) [Sample] 0:56
02) Return (Early Take) [Sample] 4:26
03) ? (Out Take) 0:32
04) For Stage-? (Out Take) [Sample] 2:12
05) Origin (Out Take) [Sample] 3:42
06) Ending Movie 1 / Take 1 (Out Take) [Sample (#1)] 0:28
07) Ending Movie 1 / Take 3 (Out Take) [Sample (#2)] 0:25

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