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Motoi Sakuraba Live Concert Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile

Description: Live concert recording for the Star Ocean series and Valkyrie Profile (developed by tri-Ace and published by Enix and Square Enix for various consoles). The two hour concerts occurred at Zepp Tokyo on July 19, 2003 and a DVD was also released featuring a live video recording of the concert.

Motoi Sakuraba Live Concert Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile Record Label: Team Entertainment
Catalog Number: KDSD-000019/20
Release Date: October 22, 2003
Content: 2 CD Set - 16 Tracks
Reviews: Chris and Harry's Review
Purchase: Buy at VGM World

Production Credits
Original Composition:
Motoi Sakuraba
Motoi Sakuraba
Solo Piano and Nine Other Keyboards:
Motoi Sakuraba
Drum Kit:
Toshihiko Nakamura
Bass Guitar:
Atsushi Hasegawa
No Further Credits

Track Listings - Disc One (55:48)
Track Title Track Time
01) The Dawn of Wisdom [Sample] 5:38
02) Unfinished Battle with God Syndrome [Sample] 4:22
03) Fly Away in the Violet Sky 5:57
04) Reflected Moon [Sample] 2:08
05) Hand to Hand 4:27
06) Requiem to a Predicament ~ Falling Under Negative Consciousness ~ 5:24
07) March for Glory [Sample] 7:51
08) Theme of RENA ~ Drum Solo ~ Bass Solo ~ [Sample] 19:58

Track Listings - Disc Two (46:10)
Track Title Track Time
01) Highbrow [Sample] 8:12
02) So Alone, Be Sorrow [Sample] 6:52
03) Mission to the Deep Space 5:20
04) Confidence in the Domination [Sample] 4:05
05) Cutting Edge of Notion 4:37
06) Doorway to Heaven [Sample] 5:04
07) STAR OCEAN FOREVER ~ The Incarnation of Devil ~ The Dawn of Wisdom [Sample] 7:43
Bonus Track (Live Recording)
Track Title Track Time
08) Motoi Sakuraba Piano Solo 4:13

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