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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition - Complete Version: Vol. 1

Description: Drama album for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo for Game Boy Advance). This album contains the last part of a series of radio broadcasts, played in Japan from January 4, 2004 onwards. The radio drama takes us through the history of the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, with some extra passages. A premium edition volume of this CD, complete with a special case, a poster, and a calendar, was also released under the catalog number SSCX-10081.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition - Complete Version: Vol. 1 Record Label: DigiCube
Catalog Number: SSCX-10082
Release Date: February 26, 2003
Content: 1 CD - 5 Tracks
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Production Credits
Original Composition:
Hitoshi Sakimoto, Nobuo Uematsu
Atsuhiro Tomioka, Kiyoko Yoshimura
See Performance Credits
No Further Credits

Track Listings - Disc One (60:03)
Track Title Track Time
01) Chapter One: Ivalice [Sample] 15:18
02) Chapter Two: Engage! [Sample] 14:08
03) Chapter Three: Realized Dreams [Sample] 12:35
04) Chapter Four: Clan, Quest and the First Job! [Sample] 11:38
05) EX-One: Marche's Training Diary [Sample] 6:24

Performance Credits

Narration: Yuka Imai (Marche Radiuju); Actors: Asami Sanada (Mewt Randell), Yumi Kakazu (Ritz Malheur), Hiromi Ishikawa (Doned Radiuju), Kumiko Yokote (Montblanc), Masako Jou (Nono), Akimitsu Takase (Judge), Yasuyuki Kase (Judge), Rie Kanda (Shara), Kumi Sakuma (Babus Swain), Ryoukichi Takahashi (Moogle Knight), Katsuhiro Harasawa (Eaglets), Satoshi Katougi (Bangaa Tribe), Kiri Segawa (Madam Kiri), Yoshiko Sakakibara (Queen Remedi)

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