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Dragon Quest Singles

Over the years, numerous Dragon Quest-related singles have been released that are rare, mysterious, and often redundant. As presenting individual pages for each of them would be limited due to lack of track times, cover scans, and production credits for nearly all such singles, they are instead concisely grouped here for those who need it. The vocal singles Dragon Quest III Naoshi Kougami Vocal and Dragon Quest V ~Wedding Waltz~ have their own pages. Those that have scans, track times, MP3s, and other missing details for any of these singles should contact me at chris [at] squareenixmusic.com. Thank you.

March Dragon Quest

Record Label: Apollon This single features a recording of first brass performance of Dragon Quest music in a medley called March Dragon Quest arranged by Hiro Takami and performed by the Yamaha Symphonic Band. Available in both cassette and EP form, this was the third Dragon Quest music release.
Catalog No.: KHY-1019 (Tape) / AYO7-72 (Vinyl)
Release Date: August 21, 1987
Track Listings: 01) March Dragon Quest (8:54)
02) March Dragon Quest (Extended) (9:49)

Dragon Quest II ~Marriage Waltz~

Record Label: Apollon A one track rendition of Dragon Quest II CD Theater released a week after said album's release. Naturally, it features drama performances accompanied by Dragon Quest music arranged by Hayato Matsuo. It's the series' strangest release and one of the most redundant too.
Catalog No.: APCG-4020 (CD)
Release Date: December 20, 1991
Track Listings: 01) Drama Edition

March Dragon Quest III

Record Label: Apollon A brass single for Dragon Quest III: Into the Legend released on the same day as Dragon Quest in Brass. This features arrangements of the opening theme "Roto" and "Adventure". It was arranged by Kosuke Onozaki and performed by the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.
Catalog No.: BY12-5001 (CD) / KHY-1033 (Tape)
Release Date: July 5, 1988
Track Listings: 01) March Roto (7:07)
02) March Adventure (7:37)

March Dragon Quest IV

Record Label: Apollon This single contains three themes from Dragon Quest IV in Brass arranged by Kosuke Onozaki and performed by the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra. The second track is briefly separated, though the recordings are identical to the brass album, which was released on the same date.
Catalog No.: APDG-4001 (CD)
Release Date: October 21, 1990
Track Listings: 01) March Dragon Quest IV (8:06)
02) Balloon's Flight ~ Sea Breeze (8:35)

Dragon Quest V ~ Strongest Book of Guidance

Record Label: Apollon This single features two pieces of original game music for the Super Nintendo original version of Dragon Quest V. Its brevity is unfortunate given this is the only example of original game music for the game being released apart from the 'Original Game Sound Story'.
Catalog No.: APCG-4025 (CD)
Release Date: August 12, 1992
Track Listings: 01) Overture (1:20)
02) Toward the Horizon (1:58)

Special thanks to the staff and contributors at Chudah's Corner, Game Music Revolution, Squaremusic, RPGFan, and SoundtrackCentral for many of the translations.