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Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections :: Review by Soapy

Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections Album Title: Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections
Record Label: NTT Publishing
Catalog No.: N38D-010 (1st Print); NTCP-1001 (Reprint)
Release Date: April 21, 1992; May 23, 2001
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


Final Fantasy IV is one of my favorite games out of the entire line of Final Fantasy. Fourteen of the best tunes from Final Fantasy IV are compiled into this Piano Collections album including an orchestrated version of "Theme of Love." The tunes from the original game were midis, but Shiro Satou did a wonderful job arranging them for the piano, creating tracks that seem incredibly simple, yet beautiful and memorable all the same. Nostalgia kicks in when you realize this amazing game was released over 10 years ago.

Track-by-Track Reviews

1) The Prelude

A simple melody that became the trademark introduction piece for all Final Fantasy games. "The Prelude" has a slow start, but the main melody is a touching tune. Since the music in the game repeats itself over and over again, this piece doesn't seem to have much direction and ends as slowly as it started. (7/10)

2) Theme of Love

Also considered "Rosa's Theme," this is the reoccurring cheesy romantic theme throughout the game. The piece is soft and gentle, with a hint of emotional yearning. It can be heart wrenching and sweet all at the same time. (9/10)

3) Prologue

This tune was in the first Final Fantasy when the heroes began their real adventure. This is the same for Final Fantasy IV. A powerful epic feel is incorporated into this piece. This piece brings you right back into the game again. (8/10)

4) Welcome to Our Town!

You probably heard this theme many times as you made your way through the game, but this version is straightforward, wistful, and pleasing to listen to. I really enjoy the main melody, but the intro and the faster runs near the end make the piece seem a bit more exciting than it should be. (9/10)

5) Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV

This is actually the overworld theme for the game, which I couldn't remember at first because it sounded too dramatic. This isn't one of my favorite arrangements, since at times it sounds too harsh. (6/10)

6) Chocobo-Chocobo

Everyone's favorite (or most hated) tune from Final Fantasy, "Chocobo-Chocobo" is a fun and happy tune, arranged fairly well in this version. It sounds like it would be fun to try out on your own piano. (8/10)

7) Into the Darkness

This is the cave music from the game. This piece is a bit slow compared to the actual version, and tends to drag a little. This is one of the few times where the MIDI might actually sound better. (6/10)

8) Rydia

My all time favorite character! This is a very simple and easy to play song, with a beautiful, delicate and heartfelt melody. It's a bit on the repetitive side, but a fantastic piece overall. (10/10)

9) Melody of Lute

The haunting tune played by the bard Edward in the game. It sounds very much like the original, without much variation until you get to the end. It has a strange off key ending though, which doesn't seem to fit. (9/10)

10) Golbeza Clad in the Dark

This is one of those tracks that doesn't seem to translate well to the piano. It's supposed to have a very sinister and evil feel to it, but it doesn't seem to come across as well as it did on the Original Soundtrack. (6/10)

11) Troian Beauty

The theme for the Nation of Troian is a captivating one that represents a peaceful and loving kingdom. Another manageable piece, but still comes across as very moving and powerful at the same time. (9/10)

12) The Battle

A slow beginning, but after about a minute into it, it really picks up and becomes much more exciting! It combines all the battle themes together into a medley. This is a challenging one to play. (9/10)

13) Epilogue

This would normally be considered the "Ending Theme," since this piece is the music for the entire ending of Final Fantasy IV. I don't think it stands very well on its own — it feels more like background noise. I do, however, like bits and pieces of it. Maybe it's because I've seen the ending and all I picture are the credits zipping by. (8/10)

14) Theme of Love (ensemble)

This version has a different feel to it since it includes string instruments. Since a regular piano can't embody all the different sounds and emotions other instruments can portray, this is a definitely a great track to listen to get a feel for the "Theme of Love." (9/10)


Overall, this album has a good collection of songs from the game. Some arrangements, however, were a bit repetitive and simple, but the tunes were carried over well. There was a couple that didn't sound quite right. "Right" meaning that they didn't sound like the original. These are all great songs to play on your own, since most of them are relatively easy to sight-read. There are a few challenging ones, though, for the more advanced pianist.

Overall Score: 8/10