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Final Fantasy X Piano Collections :: Review by Soapy

Final Fantasy X Piano Collections Album Title: Final Fantasy X Piano Collections
Record Label: DigiCube (1st Edition); Square Enix (Reprint)
Catalog No.: SSCX-10064; SQEX-10028
Release Date: February 20, 2002; July 22, 2004
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


The first Final Fantasy to come to the PlayStation 2, it made quite an impression by its graphics, music, gameplay, and story. This time Nobuo had help composing. This joint effort produced another great soundtrack and Piano Collections album. The mood of the game, which influences the music, was quite different from Final Fantasy IX. This one was much more serious and melancholy.

Track-by-Track Reviews

1) At Zanarkand

The opening theme, which everyone must have heard many times by now. This piece is still enchanting each time I hear it or play it. This arrangement was very well, done, staying close to the original and easy to play. (10/10)

2) Tidus' Theme

A more joyful tune than the last, but this track didn't leave much of an impression on me. This is the main character's theme. It actually sounds too happy-go-lucky, but that reflects Tidus' personality, which can be quite annoying at times. (8/10)

3) Besaid Island

I had no idea where this track came from when I first heard it. It doesn't sound anything like the original. If you try really hard, you may catch pieces of it. Although thinking of it as a separate piece entirely, I enjoyed it. It's upbeat and fast-paced. (9/10)

4) Song of Prayer

You hear this one so many times throughout the game, but when there is no voice, it just doesn't seem right. This arrangement also wanders from the original. This one was a bit disappointing. (7/10)

5) Travel Agency

This wasn't an overly exciting piece of music, and I am not too sure why it was really picked. It was the music played at the travel agency. It sounds like elevator music. (6/10)

6) Rikku's Theme

One of the cutest girls in Final Fantasy history has a cute theme to go with her. Always cheery and hard to let down, "Rikku's Theme" represents the character very well. (10/10)

7) Guadosalam

Mysterious and obscure, this track has its moments, although it reminds me of some of the other tracks, so there isn't really anything about this one that stands out. (7/10)

8) The Thunder Plains

This was interesting background music for a rather jittery part of the game, at least for me since I understand how Rikku feels! It's a light-hearted track that seems incredibly fun to try out on the piano. (8/10)

9) Assault

I thought this was well arranged, since it integrated the urgent feel of a battle. Themes like these are always a challenge to bring over to just a piano since it takes a lot of effort to play a piece that sounds harsh. (9/10)

10) Via Purifico

This was the music played when your characters were dumped in the Via Purifico. It sounds very good on the piano and gives you that secretive "cave music" sense. It reminds me of "Find your Way" from Final Fantasy VIII. (8/10)

11) Suteki da ne

A beautiful piece even without the words. A wistful and sad melody that represents what Yuna is feeling. If you've heard the song, then this might seem a bit "bare" without an accompaniment. (9/10)

12) Yuna's Decision

"Yuna's Decision" didn't sound as good as I would have hoped on the piano. I'm not sure if it was mostly the arrangement itself or it might have been hard to carry over the same melody and feeling from the Original Soundtrack. It was probably a bit of both. (8/10)

13) People of the Far North

Similar to the last one in the sense that it just didn't sound quite right on just the piano. This is the music for Kimahri's Ronso brethren. (8/10)

14) Final Battle

This is a doozy to try to play on the piano, especially at that speed. This isn't as memorable as some of the other battle themes from Final Fantasy. (7/10)

15) Ending Theme

My favorite track by far on the entire album. Just like Final Fantasy IX, I can picture the ending going on in my head. The music is very emotional and touching. (10/10)


I was a bit disappointed in this Piano Collections since I enjoyed the game and the Original Soundtrack quite a bit. Many of the tracks just seemed to stray so much from the original that you couldn't exactly tell what it was from. As individual pieces themselves they weren't bad, but as arrangements they weren't as good as I had hoped. It felt as though they tried too hard to add too much to the original. However, despite what I just mentioned, there are a few memorable tracks that stand out among the others that are definitely worth listening to.

Overall Score: 9/10