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Final Fantasy X-2: real Emotion / 1000 Words - Koda Kumi :: Review by Sitorimon

Final Fantasy X-2: real Emotion / 1000 Words - Koda Kumi Album Title: Final Fantasy X-2: real Emotion / 1000 Words - Koda Kumi
Record Label: Avex
Catalog No.: RZCD-45080 (Copy Protected)
Release Date: March 5, 2003
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


Final Fantasy X-2 had two vocal themes in its game and these, sung in Japanese by Koda Kumi, are up together in the single 'real Emotion / 1000 Words - Koda Kumi'.

"real Emotion" is an uptempo dance number. Here we have the full four minute version which has extra choruses and verses. The chorus is catchy, the singing is perfect, and the whole song oozes fun and frolics; ideal given the style of the Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack.

"1000 Words" (or "1000 no Kotaba") is a serene six minute epic love song. It's a beautiful anthem with some stunning singing from Koda Kumi; her soaring vocals match the gliding string parts. All this is embellished with some beautiful acoustic guitar playing that finishes off the song. It's as dramatic as it is bittersweet and beautiful, making perfect listening.

Also on the single are the two songs instrumentals which is great for karaoke as ever; however there are no new b-side songs like you usually get with the singles.

The only down point to the CD is its copy control player; when you put it in your CD drive, your computer runs the CD at 48kbps which makes the songs extremely tinny. While "1000 Words" can get away with it so some extent, "real Emotion" with its heavy drum beats and effects is unlistenable and that's a huge shame...

No frills here, just two excellent vocal songs that you'll enjoy. But if you have the Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack the value of needing the CD is somewhat diminished.

Overall Score: 8/10