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Eternity ~Memory of the Lightwaves~ Music from FFX-2 :: Review by Sitorimon

Eternity ~Memory of the Lightwaves~ Music from Final Fantasy X-2 Album Title: Eternity ~Memory of the Lightwaves~ Music from Final Fantasy X-2
Record Label: Avex
Catalog No.: AVCD-30444 (Copy Protected)
Release Date: March 31, 2003
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


This Final Fantasy X-2 single takes the unique route of actually being a non-vocal single at all! The three tracks on the CD are all taken from the Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack, with the tracks being arranged slightly differently.

"Eternity ~Memory of the Lightwaves~" is the piano-based title track. It is, to put it simply, one of the most fluent and magical pieces of music around in game music. It is a joy to listen to. For this arrangement, gone are the extra effects and in are a violin and cello. This gives it an orchestral feel, which, although is only subtle, adds to the piece. It is a most worthy additional arrangement of the song.

"Besaid" is more laid back and the arrangement uses a real guitar. With the drums setting the scene, the piano and guitar interact beautifully and make a lovely piece together. While it's not quite as stunning as the previous track, it's still a great piece.

Finally, "Yuna's Ballad" is an emotive piano, violin, and cello piece. The arrangement is excellent and touching, reminding you that underneath all that techno-babble, great music lays the basis for a great soundtrack.

This single is some of the real meat in the Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack. If you are put off by the mixed feeling towards the techno side of the music from that soundtrack and just want beautiful melodies, this single is completely made for you. It's an excellent CD.

Overall Score: 8/10