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Star Fox 64 Soundtrack CD (US) :: Review by Jon Turner

Star Fox 64 Soundtrack CD (US) Album Title: Star Fox 64 Soundtrack CD (US)
Record Label: Nintendo of America
Catalog No.: 2080-Fall97
Release Date: September 1, 1997
Purchase: Buy at eBay


The Star Fox 64 Soundtrack CD features almost all the music from the game. Even Star Fox fans who have Star Fox 64 Original Cuts from Electronics Boutique are forbiden to pass up this CD. It is twice the length of Original Cuts and it features 30 tracks in all — each of which makes you feel like you're in the game.

The music here is absolutely wonderful, even though there are a few minor flaws. While the sound quality is much improved over the SNES version, it isn't what you would call high-quality synthesis. Disappointing about the music, also, is that some of the heroic spirit in the original Star Fox score is missing from Star Fox 64. While some tracks are even more impressive than the first Star Fox score, others just don't seem to match up to the original.

The music is modeled after Independence Day. Its heroic feeling is especially evident on track 12, "Katina", where the fast and furious music resembles the dogfights from ID4. The final track, "Credits Theme", in particular, reminded me of the end title music to ID4 with its heroic feeling.

This CD is an absolute must-have if you're a diehard Star Fox 64 fan. It was available by simply ordering from the Star Fox 64 merchandise order form that comes with the game. I have heard some harsh reviews about the music due to the fact that it isn't orchestrated, but that's not the same opinion I have. Low sound-quality music is actually wonderful and transports you back to the game. Those who check Star Fox 64 Soundtrack CD out might actually agree with me.

Overall Score: 8/10