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A NiGHTS Remix - Another Dreams :: Review by Ersatz

A NiGHTS Remix - Another Dreams Album Title: A NiGHTS Remix - Another Dreams
Record Label: Tokuma Japan Communications
Catalog No.: TKCA-71192
Release Date: July 24, 1997
Purchase: Buy at eBay


I had mixed feelings for this album for the longest time. I knew it was a good album, but I wasn't too sure if this was an album that you put on as background music, or just something you listen to so you can enjoy all the melodies as they come to you. But, let me get right into this review. This is the remixed version of some of the NiGHTS into Dreams' songs from the first game. Two DJs remixed them in a sort of Drum & Bass kind of way. And what a wonderful choice they made in that regard.


First of all, this is a pretty long album, with each theme being about six minutes long. Yeah, that's right. That's the initial problem I faced when reviewing this album. Since each theme is so long, would the listener get tired of the music. Well, after listening to this album more than ten times, I can assure you, you won't be bored with this. Unlike Ridge Racer Type 4's soundtrack, where all the themes are six minutes as well, this soundtrack doesn't loop the same thing over and over again. It's quite a shock to find music that's pushed over the five minute mark that isn't an anthem or a bad techno track.

"Growing Wings" is a great track that doesn't disappoint in anyway. It starts off with a nice warped synth rhythm featuring an older break used back in the 80's. Then about 40 seconds later, the track speeds up, vocals chanting "Thirsty Dream" enter, and a very smooth bass line is placed in the background. The piano interjects in various points here and there too enhance the atmosphere. Overall, the effect is very well done.

"Message From Nightopia" is also a theme that starts off in a great way. The artists remixed a guitar riff and warped and bended the sounds as the main melody is exposed. The guitar that was warped for so long in the intro gets its own little solo break not even two minutes into the song and returns later on give more gusto to the already catchy track. Various places here and there also have a nice tenor set with a woman and man's voice humming "In The Night", a prelude of sorts to "Dreams Dreams".

"Dreams Dreams (12- gk mix)" made me scared the first time I heard it. After the phat intro filled with catchy breaks, piano runs, and soft bass backing, there comes some... singing! A woman in fact. I was thinking that this would ruin it, but it followed the music more than fight it, so it was a pleasant remix on the other "Dreams Dreams" song.

And speaking of "Dreams Dreams"... "Dreams Dreams (Peaceful Mix)" is a great song that I was sure would disappoint as well. The melody is relaxed while the singers, though sounding a bit cheesy at moments, carry the song even more. I don't think I would listen to this song if these guys weren't featured on here, whoever they may be. A nice feature is when they dumb down the vocal set that was sung earlier into the song with their voices warped, sounding a bit like kids. It really adds dimension to this already great song.


There isn't really a bad track on this album. Everything delivers the way an album like this should without boring you. Some tracks teeter on the edge, making you think it's going to be repetitive, but nothing plays that game too much, and it's certainly an enjoyable listen too. A word of advice is to either listen to this album with headphones or play it loud on good speakers. You'll miss a lot of little subtleties that you would miss if you play this on normal volume. Overall, a great album with great tunes — something that does the NiGHTS themes justice.

Overall Score: 8/10