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Site Contributors :: Dan (aka Neo Locke)

Site Role


Email Address


Joined Site

January 2004

Favourite Game Music Artists

Kumi Tanioka
Michiru Yamane
Yoko Shimomura
Yasunori Mitsuda

Date of Birth

January 30, 1986

Place of Residence

Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Journalism Student

General Interests

Video Games
Film Making


I was born in Michigan, but have lived in both Ohio and Massachusetts. I first started playing video games as a means of escaping the real world, and quickly grew a love for them. I thoroughly enjoy most genres, but Japanese-RPGs remain my favorite for their usually engaging stories and, of course, wonderful music.

The first piece of video game music that got me interested (or hooked, whichever you prefer) was Final Fantasy IV's "Fight 2." Final Fantasy IV was my first RPG ever, and I remember stumbling across a midi of that piece while browsing the internet. I immediately recognized it from somewhere, and upon examination, was surprised to find out I recognized it from the game. I started listening more closely to the tunes in the games I played, and my interest in it began to grow. Today I enjoy most of the music in the Final Fantasy series, Castlevania series, and various other titles. Though if ever asked to pick one piece of video game music above all others, my response would be Mitsuda's "To Far Away Times."

My interest in Journalism stemmed from a class on it I took in High School that I absolutely adored. I have written for two school newspapers for two years each, and was assistant editor of arts for one of those. I was also a reviewer and news correspondent for the late Chocobos.com, a site dedicated to video game reviews, with a focus on Squaresoft. My ultimate dream would be to become a video game journalist for a notable magazine or website, and one of my many lifelong goals is to attend at least one E3.

Contributed Reviews

Album Title Catalog No.
Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack AVCD-17254
Final Fantasy Vocal Collections NTCP-5006/41
Kingdom Hearts: Hikari - Utada Hikaru TOCT-4361
Radiata Stories Arrange Album KDSD-00063
Radiata Stories Original Soundtrack KDSD-00061/2