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Contrary to popular belief, music is its own actor. Music, it seems, has almost a direct link to the human psyche. It can, apart from any other enhancement, conduct ideas and emotions with incredible power and influence. I believe that this force, music, can be applied to its fullest potential when being used in tandem with the elements of a well directed and designed video Game. It is thus that I judge video game soundtracks very seriously — as a highly critical aspect of the video game and as a pleasure and a joy in itself.

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Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon NTCP-5017
Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections NTCP-1001
Grandia II Original Soundtracks: Deus TRCD-10013
Grandia II Original Soundtracks: Povo TRCD-10014
Sailing to the World SBPS-0003
Time & Space - A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda (Blue Edition) OUS-001