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Tomohito Nishiura

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Tomohito Nishiura Date of Birth: 1970s (Japan)
Musical Influences: Eric Clapton, Folk Music
Instruments: Guitar, Piano
Game Works: Dark Cloud, Professor Layton, Rogue Galaxy

Employment History

Company Tenure Role
Riverhill Software 1997 - 1998 Sound Designer
Level 5 1998 - 2000 Composer, Sound Designer
Level 5 2000 - Composer, Sound Director

Brief Profile

After working as a sound effects design at Riverhill Software, Tomohito Nishiura was asked by OverBlood 2 director Akihiro Hino to work at new video game developer Level 5. He initially handled all aspects of composition and sound design for the PlayStation 2 RPG Dark Cloud. Despite not focusing on composing previously, he competently blended a guitar-based sound and traditional RPG influences on its score.

From 2000, Nishiura has focused on composition and sound direction at Level 5. He was able to diversify the score for Dark Cloud 2 given he did not have to worry about multitasking. Afterwards he offered fantastical orchestral music to the cancelled MMORPG True Fantasy Live Fantasy and an atmospheric journeyman feel to Rogue Galaxy. He also oversaw the implementation of Dragon Quest VIII's music.

In the last three years, Nishiura has been creating music for the Professor Layton trilogy on the DS. On Professor Layton and the Curious Village, he developed a mysterious yet whimsical sound for the series defined by the accordion-led main theme. He subsequently darkened and enriched the formula with the music for its sequels. He is likely to work on one of Level 5's numerous 2009 projects.

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