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Top 10 Mastermind Groups


Bringing some of the brightest minds from the business world together, masterminds are groups of like-minded individuals who gather under the mentor ship of some industry winners. Let’s take a deeper insight into what these groups are all about, while also looking at the Top 10 Mastermind Groups around the world.

What are Masterminds whystages.com/Join/ ?

Masterminds are exclusive groups of entrepreneurs crafted by some genius marketers and businesspersons, wherein the members not only learn under the guidance of one or more industry experts but also get to share each other’s skills, knowledge, ideas and business strategies to take their ventures to great heights and expansions. Some of the top mastermind groups in the business world are formed and run by personalities who have managed to harness their skills and techniques to achieve wonderful results and success.

Masterminds aim towards helping their members to gain learning through a collective experience. The leaders guide you through the different battles that you come across while striving through a business, offering extensive discussions and even one-on-one conversations with the best fitting individuals from similar fields as yours.

Whether starting a new venture or working their way through a running business, almost all entrepreneurs feel confused, hopeless or directionless at some point or the other. This eventually also leads many into giving up, and that’s where mastermind groups can come to the rescue, offering tried and tested solutions and hacks to crossing those hurdles.

Finding the Right Mastermind Groups

There are numerous mastermind groups out there, wherein some are run by extraordinarily popular names and leaders in different fields, while others are run by rising entrepreneurs are new players of the industry. It totally depends on you when it comes to choosing the right mastermind group for yourself. Although the end results of the popular masterminds are undoubtedly, amazing, they often come for a hefty joining amount. If one doesn’t possess the financial resources to be a part of one or more such groups, they can always form a group of their very own with people who are at the same page as themselves as well as those who have reached a substantial success in the same sphere. Engaging in discussions with entrepreneurs who are associated with similar goals and challenges surely helps you expand your knowledge as well as seek each other’s assistance and collaborations to make the most of your business.

Top 10 Mastermind Groups

While a number of mastermind groups have made their mark around the globe, let’s take a look at some of the most influential ones run by industry titans and leaders.

10X Ambition Program with Dan Sullivan

The founder of Strategic Coach that helps businesses around the globe, Dan Sullivan is one of the most sought-after names in the industry. 10X Ambition Program by Dan Sullivan is the best-in-class platform that provides its members with a direct access to the coach himself. The very exclusive group crafted for successful entrepreneurs works great for those who aim towards taking their business to the next levels. Every three months, the members of the group take part in a full-day boot camp with the celebrity coach, while the next day has the beginners consulting an expert program adviser to frame new goals for the next quarter. This mastermind is apt and appropriate for startups that are willing to expand as the emphasis of the group is a self-multiplying company. Breaking past the startup phase seems to be a piece of cake when you enroll yourself for the program once you have hit the market and have planned 2-3 years ahead.

War Room Mastermind

Approaching the non-Illuminati groups, War Room Mastermind is undoubtedly, one of the best mastermind groups out there established by Perry Belcher, Roland Frasier and Ryan Deiss. The group gathers 100 of the leading people in marketing, technology and business for a one of its kind summit. The world-renowned marketing conference, their Traffic and Conversion summit is the only platform one can sign up for the group at. Written templates, systems and checklists and shared on a dedicated social network, wherein the main pitch sticks to brass tax delegation tactics. The program aims at doubling up your business every year, including Sara Blaky of Spanx, and a former Pepsi VP on the Hall of Famers. Crafted for the experienced entrepreneurs, War Room Mastermind is meant for those who are already skilled at building partnerships and networking strategies.

Jeff Walker’s Platinum Mastermind

Grabbing the attention for his product launch formula, Jeff Walker also runs the Platinum Mastermind. While the formula takes you through the lesser-known techniques and practices to bring a digital product to the market, the Platinum Mastermind is all about the people who are willing to reach new heights in personal development and marketing. Thousands of entrepreneurs have been using Jeff Walker’s formulas and system to reach revenues over 500 million dollars.

Carlton Coaching’s Platinum Mastermind

A hyper-exclusive quarterly bootcamp, Platinum Mastermind Group by Carlton Coaching is a must-not miss mention on this list. Coaches John Carlton and Stan Dahl are accompanied by twelve vetted executives in a small conference room, while applaud-worthy guest speakers like the iconic Joe Polish also join the same. The agenda is to prepare a list of 1-3 high priority action items for one’s business. Based on the idea of pragmatism, the program is apt and appropriate for those who want to break through. If a business is snagged in a state of little or no change, Platinum Mastermind is perfect for you.

Organized Brilliance by Dean Graziosi and Matt Larson

Mentioned at the last, Organized Brilliance is perhaps, the most leading mastermind group crafted for entrepreneurs who are all set to establish themselves as profitable leaders in the investing business around the real estate industry. Dean’s skills, incredible knowledge, compassion, and the will to add huge amounts of value to the business are unmatched in the industry. Building his entire career on real estate investments and marketing, Dean leads the art of selling and making clever deals. His mastermind helps to scale and market your business with absolute extraordinaire.

Russel Brunson’s Inner Circle

Establishing a software business with a sales funnel reaching a billion dollar spot, Russel Brunson is one of the most skilled underground entrepreneurs and online marketers. In fact, it won’t be an overstatement to state that those who get to be a part of the marketing icon’s Inner Circle get the opportunity to learn from the industry’s most knowledgeable mind. Inner Circle is a mastermind group that provides its members with Russel’s direct mentor-ship, accompanied by skilled members of his community. However, we must mention that Inner Circle is designed for the digital entrepreneurs alone, letting you learn from the modern digital marketing leader, thereby reaching heights in the field of digital investments.

Kent Clothier’s Boardroom

Making his mark in the world of real estate, Kent Clothier teaches the concept of reverse wholesale to over 22000 students through his company, REWW. Speaking of mastermind groups, Kent contributes majorly to the business world through his Boardroom. Numerous powerful and influential businesspersons consider Boardroom as one of the best groups to be a part of. Apart from his Boardroom, Kent has around 3500 homes under management, while making more than 4,000 real estate transactions.

Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Mastermind

Earning the title of the leading higher performance coach of the world, Brendon Burchard crafted High Performance Mastermind. The group is one of the top groups of its kind, specially meant for those who aim towards reaching the peaks of success. The techniques that worked wonders for Brendon to reach an eight-figure business are a part of his mastermind too. His achievements and the impact he makes as a leader has also made O Magazine regard him as one of the most influential leaders in personal growth.

Verne Harnish’s CEO Boot Camp

One of the most popular and celebrated entrepreneurs of the world, Verne Harnish runs an incredible mastermind group, Scaling Up Boot camp. The CEO boot camp lets the members have a valuable learning experience wit Harnish. It’s a four-day event that talks about expanding businesses and numerous high-level concepts when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Typically, a group includes 7 executives, while some amazingly structured discussions of the retreat help the members solve numerous problems they face in their businesses. Not to forget, the members also indulge in one-to-one conversations with the leader himself. Surely, a wonderful opportunity, CEO Boot Camp has been carved into one of the best masterminds over decades. The fact that Harnish has encountered thousands of business problems and cases similar to each of the members makes everything a piece of cake when it comes to finding the solutions.

why stages.com  Join 

Genius Network is established by the marketing industry’s top thought leaders, Joe Polish. The group is joined by entrepreneurs running a businesses with an yearly revenue of $9-million on an average. People willing to reach new heights of achievements join Genius Network, thereby being a part of an amazing digital network, extensively educational content, and annual events where influential personalities like Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson speak. This one can rightly be clubbed in premium mastermind groups.

The group is perfect for hugely experienced entrepreneurs who already are well-versed with the elements of creating partnerships, networking and making their businesses a success. Joe heads the group and connects some leaders from different spheres of businesses in order to yield the best possible results through each discussion and event. One also gets to develop their professional and personal relationships.

Allowing the members to expand their skill set and knowledge, mastermind groups are no less than a boon for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as businesspersons as it’s the most potential way to network with others. They offer a rare chance to learn from the experience of successful names from the industry as well as other members who have faced or facing similar challenges in their field, thereby letting one gain an edge in the market.