Fast Cash Biz Review

I have invested in the FastCash.Biz and i’m currently testing the software. You can read my full review below  so far I can tell you from testing that  I have lost 2 trades and won 5.

If you haven’t watch the FastCash.Biz video Presentation click below to watch it now  or scroll to read my in depth review.



Review of FastCash.Biz

Fast Cash Biz is a brand new binary options tool which promises to provide traders with a shortcut to untold riches. The system was developed by David Graham and Madison Clark, and relies on easy-to-use software to automatically generate trades that will offer massive profits.

Clark and Graham are relative unknowns in the world of forex trading and binary options trading, so hearing them make the promises that they do about their system is interesting, and has raised a few eyebrows in the trading community. They are, however, offering their system free of charge – for now – so it is worth a look.

Presentation is Everything

At first glance, the Fast Cash Biz website fails to impress. It offers very little information about the system. There are just a couple of pages on the website, and visitors are expected to sit through a video or hand over their email address to learn more about the system and the software. It’s not even immediately clear what the site is about. This could be seen as a good thing, however, since it means that only the most determined and enthusiastic visitors will bother with the system. The markets are very efficient, and if Fast Cash Biz really does work, then we don’t want too many people using it!

The video is quite long, and it is more a sales pitch than anything else – which may put a lot of people off the system. But it is important to remember that you aren’t buying a binary options system because it has a nice sales pitch. You should care more about the effectiveness of the system than you do the quality of the speech in the video, or the production values. While the sales pitch for Fast Cash Biz might disappoint, the software shows more promise.

Rapid Return on Your Investments

Binary options are one of the few areas of investing where it is still possible to make large amounts of money in a short time, taking $1,000 and turning it into $10,000 or more in just a few days. Binary Options are ideal for people who understand how the markets work, and who can find low-risk trades that will expire within around 15 minutes. Using these trades you can get quick returns, and reinvest your profits again and again.

Of course, with any trade there is some risk, but with binary options that risk is greatly reduced, and with the guidance of the Fast Cash Biz software, even people who do not have a lot of experience in trading can get in on the action. In fact, even people with no prior experience have the opportunity to enjoy making a profit with Fast Cash Biz.

How Does Fast Cash Biz Work?

The fast Cash Biz software is the work of Madison Clark, and they have partnered with the Home Trading Training Specialists to bring it to a wider audience. The software will bring real time financial information feeds to traders, allowing them to make informed trades on binary options. The software is not “magical”, and it will not simply let you set back and watch money flow in – but what it will do is present you with informative, real-time information so that you can make better decisions – and that can be invaluable.

Fast Cash Biz lets you pull information about trades that are expiring within the next 60 minutes, or even the next minute. Combine that with the other information that it presents you with, and you are in a good position to make trades that will make you money. It helps you to trade on more than one platform at once (maximising your profit potential), and gives you access to financial data feeds that would ordinarily cost several hundred dollars per month. With all of that information at your fingertips, it’s easy to see how you can start making money.

The software is highly configurable, so you can customize the alert parameters to suit your trading preferences. It is also very easy to use – anyone with a web browser can get started using the application. If you do run into trouble, then you can call the developers for technical support. Alternatively you can sign up to one of the training seminars and get help and advice that way.

Fast Cash Biz will allow you to personalize the pip setting that you use for trades, and the time-frame for pip movements. This means that you can use it with a range of brokers. You can configure a huge number of combinations and there are lots of ways that you can find profit potential. It is up to you which brokers you use and how much you trade with.

Setting up the software to your liking may take a little while, because of the number of options that are available. There is a good support network out there to help you with this, though, and the seminars that the developers run are great for helping people to learn the basics and make the most of the software, regardless of what point they are at in their investing career.

Using Fast Cash Biz

The biggest benefit of Fast Cash Biz is the instant trade alerts. Because the sources that it pulls data from are premium sources, you benefit from information that a lot of other traders do not have. You can be trading on several platforms at once, and this gives you the potential to win around 90 percent of the time. Even if you aren’t a market expert, you can make informed decisions and start turning a profit quite quickly.

The software, in its initial release, was Windows only, but the latest version is available for other platforms too, and there’s even a smartphone version. This means that you can easily trade on the go – no having to worry about finding an internet café or lugging a laptop around with you, just use your 3G or 4G connection, or WiFi in a coffee shop, check your feeds and trades, and profit!

If you’ve always been interested in trading, but have felt intimidated by the idea of figuring out binary options and learning about fundamental analysis, then this is something that you really should think about. It will give you the confidence you need to get started in the market, and over time you will pick up some valuable trading skills that you might be able to apply to other markets, should that interest you. Markets are always changing and binary options are the big thing today, but who knows what will take off in a few year’s time. You could be trading in an entirely different world!

Disadvantages of This Software

The only real disadvantage of this software is that you do need to be at the keyboard, making decisions, to make money. You will need a high speed internet connection in order to keep up with the trades, and since you are making decisions the software is only as good as the work you are willing to put in.

With any trading solution, there is some risk – the markets are unpredictable and there is always the possibility that something unexpected will happen. You should only trade with money that you can afford to lose, and you should always research trades before making them. The information that the Fast Cash Biz system supplies is invaluable, and will arm you with the best possible chance of making a profit – but it is still just a chance. No-one who is reputable in the world of binary options or general forex trading would ever promise that you can make guaranteed profits.

In Conclusion

Fast Cash Biz is a good system – it is something that can work for any budget, and it offers 15 currency pairs for you to trade on the main broker platforms for binary options. If you are willing to do some homework with regard to finding good brokers and auctioning trades, then you could make a lot of money. The system has been around for a long time, and there are a lot of happy customers that have made real money with it.

Fast Cash Biz is great system for beginner traders, and what makes it particularly special is that it is something that will grow with you as your bankroll and your experience grows. Even experienced traders find the news feeds useful and can benefit from the notifications and tools. This isn’t an automation system that will one day expire or that you will outgrow – it is a scalable platform that you can base your trading career on, and something that you can use whether your bankroll is in the hundreds or the tens of thousands (or more).

You can use this system to earn money from home as a sideline, or launch a career as an investor. It is accessible and user-friendly, and is becoming a trusted name in the world of Binary options. Get involved now, and reap the profits before everyone else!

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 Easy To Follow Tips About Binary Trading

If you would like to begin expanding what you know about binary, then just keep reading this article. It is a great starting point for expanding your knowledge. It is important to learn as much as possible about binary trading. You then need to apply the knowledge that you have acquired and set reasonable short and long-term goals. In this article, we will show you how to do this so that you can become a successful binary trader.

When you choose a broker, make sure that day trading allowed. Day trading is legal, however some brokers have decided to stay away from it. If a broker discovers that you are participating in day trading, your account may be canceled. In order to save yourself from all of the hassles, just check with the broker ahead of time so that you know exactly what their policies happen to be.

Before you wade into the turbulent binary market, it is important to fit be sure about your limitations and what your goals are. How much money would you like to make? Also, how much money are willing to risk losing? Your answers to these questions should be well-defined and firm. You should know what they are long before you start getting involved with binary trading.

Before you conduct any trades, you need to determine what your risk/reward ratio is first. Trying estimating how much you will gain along with the amount that you might lose. When you investigation what the risk/reward ratio is, you will have a much clearer idea in terms of which trades are the best ones to make.

When you participate in binary trading, one thing that you need to remember is that it takes more one day for real action to take place. The market constantly fluctuate, so it will take some time for your trades to be fruitful for you.

If you decide to go with a managed Binary account, be sure that your broker can provide you with everything that you need. If you are new to binary trading, try choosing a broker who trades well and who has at least five years of experience.

Your binary money should be kept moving. If your money is allowed to sit in a large losing investment, you will be missing out on possible big victories. Resist all urges to reduce a protective stop. It might seem like it’s a good idea hoping for the best. However, usually you end up with larger losses.

If you aren’t able to find any deals that you are comfortable with making in the binary markets, just relax. Just making the decision not to trade is a decision. Often it’s a very good one. If the market’s current state doesn’t meet your expectations, then the best thing to do is to wait rather than make a risky trade you would be uncomfortable making.

There are certain questions you should ask yourself: how much money would you like to make? What is considered a success or a failure by you? If you happen to not be successful, you’ll quickly realize the situation because you won’t be achieving your goals. Later on, may want to redefine your goals.

Watch for signs of inflation in order to avoid losing money. When there is inflation, a currency gets valued at a higher rate than what it is currently worth due to the high demand. The value of the currency will eventually crash and you’ll end up losing money. Avoid currencies that have strong inflation and pay very close attention to what the current economic situation is.

Binary investors should avoid the Yen if possible. The currency is very weak against most other major currencies. However, the Nikkei Index drastically influences it. This is Japan’s stock market and real estate market. The problem is that the Yen is very unpredictable

Trading in currency pairs should be done during active trading hours for the market. Using overlapping market hours, such as New York and London, can give you additional works for you to work with. Discover when the largest numbers of trades are done and then get in one the action.

If you feel that you have gain more insight into how to be successful with binary trading, then you are headed in the right direction. Keep in mind that you will want to set long-term and small goals for yourself in order to be successful. If you happen to not be reaching your goals, you can just adjust your strategies until you reach your results.

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  1. I’ve been using for over 4 days now and so far i have won 15 trades and lost only 4 …this is not a scam all you need to do is follow the instructions and you’ll make a profit instantly.

  2. I’m thinking of investing in fast cash biz but I’m not sure if it is easy enough for me to understand and use the software…can anyone that has tried this software tell me if it’s easy enough for a 60 years old to learn and use the software to profit ?


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