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Kingdom Hearts -Final Mix- Additional Tracks :: Review by Dark Cloud

Kingdom Hearts -Final Mix- Additional Tracks Album Title: Kingdom Hearts -Final Mix- Additional Tracks
Record Label: Walt Disney Records
Catalog Number: SQCD-40001
Release Date: December 26, 2002
Content: 1 CD - 4 Tracks
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When Kingdom Hearts was released, a follow-up Japan only game called Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix was put out. It contained some bonus stuff not included in the original game. So, naturally, Square Enix released a small soundtrack to accompany it. This 4 track CD had music that was not included in the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack, such as a remix of the popular Final Fantasy VII song, "One Winged Angel." So, how did Yôko Shimomura do? Read ahead to find out.

Track-by-Track Reviews

1) One Winged Angel (from Final Fantasy VII)

There have been many "One Winged Angel" arrangements, and this, in my opinion, is one of the top ones. Yôko Shimomura has taken Nobuo Uematsu's classic final battle song and made it shorter and more in the style of Kingdom Hearts. The lyrics have stayed the same, as well as the overall rhythm. However, the beginning as been shortened to make the vocals come in a lot sooner. The piece then continues as it usually would, until it gets to the 1:23 mark. In the original Final Fantasy VII version, a long little fanfare occurred. In this version, however, it cuts straight to the ending, where the chorus chants, "Veni, veni, venias, ne me mori facias" and then the theme repeats. Overall, it is a nice rendition of the classic theme, although there are much better versions out there. (10+/10)

2) Night on a Bald Mountain

Originally composed by Russian composer Modeste Mussorgsky and arranged especially for Kingdom Hearts as a boss theme (yes, a boss battle), this theme really doesn't feel battle-like. Considering it was originally in the Disney film Fantasia, I was surprised to find this as a boss battle, and not in a cinematic sequence. This tune, overall, is quite nice, but I feel that is was used wrongly in the game. Luckily, that doesn't affect my review. (9/10)

3) Disappeared

Right from the start, you can tell that this will be a suspenseful, battle piece. Starting with vocals, and then getting into a rapid string fanfare, "Disappeared" really gets going at the 0:56 mark when the drums kick in, along with a small, very fast playing of a brass instrument. Nothing else really happens, except for a few new parts here in there. Overall, this is a good tune, but I feel that it could've had more to it then just the same thing over and over for four minutes. (8/10)

4) Another Side

Well, we've come to the last theme. Starting off with a small piano solo and a few vocal and string parts here and there, "Another Side" would seem to be a nice, peaceful tune. However, when the song gets to 53 seconds, the fast stuff kicks in. This continues for just a bit, until the brass and some bass drums kick in. That fanfare plays, and when you get used to it, it goes back to the strings at a little bit after the 2:00 mark. A very soft and short piano solo begins, which then ends the theme nicely. (10/10)


Overall, I thought this was a pretty good CD. It included some very good themes in it, and was a delight to me. If you are a hardcore fan, this is a must-have to your collection. I recommend this to anyone who either likes Kingdom Hearts, is a Shimomura fan, or is someone who only has the money to buy something very small.

Percentage Overall Score: 95%

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