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08 Sep 2009 - Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song Announced

Final Fantasy XIII

At today's Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party, several details were revealed about the upcoming game. Among them were the confirmation of the game's Japan release date of December 17. A soundtrack release is expected around the same time.

Several compositions were performed live at the event, including the game's main theme, composed by Masashi Hamauzu. Hamauzu's vocal theme is entitled "Kimiga Irukawa", aka "Because You Are", and will be sung by Sayuri Sugawara, a little-known vocalist at BMG Japan. For the composition of the song, Sugawara commented that Square-Enix personnel provided her with "key words of FFXIII" which include, "dream," "hope", and the idea of a "person trying to achieve their goal." It can be heard here.

However, it appears there may be more than one vocal theme for the game. On the Final Fantasy XIII website, Sugawara is also credited for a song titled "Eternal Love", also composed by Hamauzu. At the moment, Nobuo Uematsu's so-called main theme for the soundtrack remains mysterious. The "Because You Are" single will be released on December 2.

Source: 1UP (Thanks Andy / Montblanc)
Discuss: General VGM News Discussion
Written by Chris Greening

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