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23 Jul 2008 - Nanashi no Game EP Released

Nanashi no Geemu

Square Enix have released a original score for Nanashi no Game (literally Nameless Game) on iTunes. In this DS horror adventure game, you play as a character whose friend disappears from school one day. Exploring the friend's home, you discover that he'd just received a new video game. While resembling a classic 2D RPG, this game is actually said to be cursed. It's believed that those who play this game die within a week.

The Nanashi no Game Sound EP features five tracks mainly used for the 2D RPG inside the game. It comprises mainly cutesy 8-bit music, though some of the pieces are eerily distorted. The composed Masayoshi Soken uses the pseudonym Luis Noma here, perhaps to represent the anonymity theme of the game or perhaps just to add to his quirky persona. The other music for the title is mostly sparse, but there are several ambient cues used in crucial places during the first person gameplay. They are not included here.

Aside the music, Nanashi no Game offers innovative sound design not represented in the EP. Soken combined his skills as a composer, sound effects designer, and sound editor to produce a very effective accompaniment to the game. The title uses DS' two speakers to provide 3D sound to accompany the 3D gameplay. This means you can actually hear audio cues that really sound like they're coming from behind you. Soken paid meticulous attention to sound effects design to produce eerie soundscapes with exceptional realism.

This EP is the first original score Square Enix has released exclusively digitally since 2006. It follows the promotional digital releases Final Fantasy Remix EP and Subarashiki Kono Sekai + The World Ends With You EP. Perhaps other short scores like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King or certain mobile projects will follow. Japanese iTunes customers can sample the album and download it for 600 yen here.

Source: Square Enix Music Official Site
Discuss: General VGM News Discussion
Written by Chris Greening

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