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15 Feb 2008 - New The Black Mages III Video Released

Dog Ear Records have released their second interview video promoting The Black Mages III ~Darkness and Starlight~, set for release on March 19. An English subtitled version of the interview is available here. On the interview, members of the band discuss several things about the album, including their intention to sing together on one track. The Dog Ear Records' producer also confirms that a Western releases of the album are being considered and an official digital release will also be purchasable.

The initial background music is their performance of Kenichiro Fukui's "This is the Final Battle", previously featured as a bonus track on Final Fantasy III Original Soundtrack and seemingly carried over to this album release. The end of the video features a demo mix version of an arrangement of FFIX's "Assault of the Silver Dragons". The arranger is drummer Arata Hanyuda, who has previously not arranged for the band.

Finally, it has been confirmed that "Memoro de la S^tono" from FFXI will be featured in the album. That's five of the ten tracks confirmed: FFVII's "Opening ~ Bombing Mission" (Fukui), FFVIII's "Premonition" (Sekito), FFIII's "This is the Final Battle" (Fukui), FFIX's "Assault of the Silver Dragons" (Hanyuda), and FFXI's "Memoro de la S^tono" (Unknown). It is likely all members of the band apart from Nobuo Uematsu will be arranging. However, it is not yet confirmed whether guitarist Michio Okamiya (who arranged FFX's "Otherworld" and FFVIII's "Maybe I'm a Lion" for the second album) will be taking an arrangement role.
Written by Chris Greening

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